I love Taiwan. It’s truly a beautiful country to visit and I’d recommend anyone who wants to travel to go there. One place my fiancee and I really enjoyed there was Taipei 101. I love looking at architecture, and 101 was a beautiful skyscraper. Plus it’s pretty cool going into one of the tallest building in the world. Like really, you feel so tiny standing in front of it.

Walking inside, there is a large mall and on the first few levels and a large yummy food court in the basement.

Taipei 101 even has it’s own mascot!

Note how 101 makes up his face.

We went to the top of the skyscraper, which unfortunately was a little cloudy, but still had a pretty great view.

And we got to see the counter balance which keeps 101 from swaying too much.

You can spend many fun hours in Taipei 101, definitely visit there if you ever have the chance to. And don’t even get me started on how beautiful it is at night..

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