My favorite gaming device right now is the Nintendo Switch.

I love the portability of the device. I’m all about traveling with the lightest load possible, and the Switch definitely provides that, squeezing power into a form factor that’s easy to carry around. I love the Joy Cons because they come off easily so you can easily have someone else play with you without having to lug around bulky controllers. You can keep things super portable by buying games digitally, but I myself prefer physical cartridges. I grew up with Gameboys, so I love the feeling of sticking cartridges in my system. Games can also be found cheaper buying the physical game from retailers, meaning more moolah for more games 😉 .

Game of the Month right now for me is Splatoon 2. It’s a fresh take on shooting games, where you cover as much ground in your team’s color in order to win. The more games you win, the more money you get allowing you to buy more weapons and gear. There’s enough variety in here to keep things fresh!

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