Wow. This phone is just amazing. I felt the Note 7 from last year was just the most perfect phone at the time, and it was heart wrenching to part with it. I held off on getting a new phone waiting for the Note 8, and it was absolutely worth it. This phone takes the design of the 7 and just improves upon it in every way.

I got the phone just yesterday, so I’ve only had a day to play with it, but I’m super loving it. Samsung was nice enough to ship a 256gb microSD card, instead of the 128 they said they would give. On to the phone, the huge screen with small bezels in a very manageable form factor is such a beautiful design. The fact that you can fit so much screen while keeping it thin enough to use one handed is great. Web pages are also easier to read with less scrolling, and multitasking is much easier than on the smaller screen of my S7 Edge.

I tried HDR video from YouTube on both phones and the Note 8 definitely outperforms the Edge. Colors are super bright and clear, probably the best I’ve seen on any phone so far. I did experience some stuttering when watching 2k on HDR though, which was a little disappointing. Other than that minor stuttering, the phone is pretty snappy.

One thing you can do though to make the phone feel a little faster is by changing the animations to .5 in developer settings. Please do yourself a favor and do this if you’re a stickler about speed, as it saves you a lot of time.

The camera(s) is also fun to use, with image quality crisp and the fake depth of field looking legit. The stickers are also fun to use, with many of them really adorable.

The pen is also really convenient, the best feature i feel being the ability to take notes when the screen is off. I have to write myself little reminders ALL the time, and this feature helps me a great deal. It’s one of the things I missed from the Note 7 and am glad to have back. Making little GIFs to send to friends is also fun to do.

A minor, minor problem that I have with the phone though is that it is a little too big to be used one handed.. But I completely expected it, and I’m sure I’ll learn how to better handle it with time. The notification bar is a little high to reach, but there is this WONDERFUL little feature that you have to activate under gestures that let’s you bring down notifications with the fingerprint reader. It’s a little slow, but it’s so so useful.

Another small con is that I also have no use for the Bixby button, and foresee hitting it a million times accidentally. I’m perfectly content with the Google Assistant, so I don’t need it. You can do voice typing by holding the button, but that’s the only reason I can see for using it.

Overall, I’m absolutely loving the phone, and I totally recommend getting it. It’s very similar to the Galaxy S8, which I’ve gotten to play with, but the pen and additional screen space really sets it apart. I look forward to what Samsung has in stock for us in the future!


Edit: I’ve had a chance to play with the phone a little but more, photos are absolutely beautiful. Here’s a sample, the image is unedited:

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