Happy 2020 everyone! God help my drawing ability. Spoilers ahead!

Anyway, recently I watched the film Weathering With You. The weeb in me absolutely loved this movie, and the cute romance that occurs throughout the movie. Weathering With You is a Japanese anime film about a young boy named Hodaka who runs away to a rainy Tokyo to get away from his mundane home life. A man who works a (conspiracy) story writing gig takes him in, seeing how Hodaka has been struggling to get a foothold in the city. Hodaka later meets and falls in love with a young girl named Hina who is somehow able to control the weather. Hodaka and Hina both make tons of money selling sunshine to the people of Tokyo. Later on it is revealed that this ability comes at the cost of Hina’s life, her being a weather maiden who is sacrificed to the sky. In the end, Hodaka finds a way to get to her in the clouds and saves her life, bringing her back to Earth.

Overall, I felt the story and art style of the film were beautiful. Something about romance in anime just feels more dreamy for some reason. The wide shots of parts of Tokyo with the shimmering skies shown throughout the movie was so colorful and detailed, making me want to cry, considering my own abilities 😭. There was also a fun little easter egg in the movie if you saw Makoto Shinkai’s previous movie Your Name. In the end, I did enjoy Your Name more, which was just more heartfelt to me. Also I thought it was funny how Makoto keeps somewhat destroying Japan in his movies.

I saw the movie dubbed in English, but I felt they did a good job with the voice acting. (Side note, this weeb in my theater started screaming and cursing that the film was in English, and tripped trying to leave the theater lol) I give this movie an 8/10 in my book! Might watch it again in the near future, with English subtitles this time!

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