Thought I would show off what equipment I’m working with here. Aside from my Galaxy s7 Edge which I use to take most pics with, I have a Nikon D5300, which is great, but bulky. I wanted something lighter, so I went the mirrorless route, and got the wonderful Fujifilm XT-20. It was difficult to find, but definitely worth the wait, as it takes beautiful pictures.Cabin Bright.jpg

I went peach picking the other day and that cabin was too picturesque to not ¬†photograph. The XT-20 has great controls that actually makes it kinda fun to shoot manual. Aperture and shutter speed both have their own knobs that you can play around with to get the picture you want. Once you figure out how to work the settings, you can run around snapping away. Coming from a Nikon, I’m still learning how the menus are organized.

I also love the look of the XT-20. It has the old fashioned camera look to it, and has a metal construction which makes it feel premium.



The camera comes with a 18-55mm kit lens, which is also constructed in full metal which feels nice. The only downside is that the lens is really heavy, causing the camera to tilt forward. That can cause some issues because the camera grip isn’t very big. Other than that, the lens is fantastic.

So that was my mini-review, I plan on making this a photography/random reviews blog, so look forward to many more images taken with this camera! Thanks for reading!


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