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*Jingle* Movie niiiight.. with Walta! */Jingle*

Too bad you can’t hear the crazy awesome music I had in that jingle.. Yeah..

Anyway, thought I’d try some mini movie reviews. So here are my thoughts on Thor Ragnarok. Spoilers ahead!

So I love the way Marvel movies play out. Some seriousness mixed in with some goofiness. Thor: Ragnarok is no different. It gets pretty deep and serious at times, while it had the theater laughing other times. The movie in a nutshell, Thor is threatened with Ragnarok at the beginning of the movie, which he scoffs at and quickly defeats the monster Surtur who held him captive. He returns back to his home Asgard and realizes his father Odin was no longer there, but replaced by his brother Loki. (This scene actually had me laughing out loud, because Matt Damon.) He drags Loki back to Earth to find Odin, who dies releasing their destructive sister Hela from imprisonment. Hela destroys Mjolnir and goes back to Asgard to claim it for herself, while Thor and Loki gets thrown off onto another planet. There, Thor meets the last surviving member of the Valkyries (elite fighting Asgardian group) and also fights Hulk because of the Grandmaster. Thor, Hulk, and Loki eventually manage to get off the planet with the help of the last Valkyrie and get back to Asgard to fight off Hela. Thor and company manage to get the surviving Asgardians to safety aboard a spaceship. Eventually, Thor loses an eye and realizes that he can’t stop Hela himself, and allows Surtur from the beginning of the movie to accomplish his goal of Ragnarok and destroys Hela along with Asgard. The movie ends with them going through space.

Overall, I thought this movie was great with the retro vibe and great action scenes throughout. I love the interaction between Hulk and Thor throughout the movie. The fight scene between Hulk and Thor was certainly epic, as well as the fight to save Asgard at the end. I also loved how Hulk jumped at Surtur to try to stop him, but gets quickly thrown back down, his excuse being “Hulk smashes.” The Grandmaster played by Jeff Goldblum was also hilarious, my favorite being when at the end he falls out of his hiding place and claims that both him and the rebels tied, and that he is important because there would be no rebellion without him.

I certainly recommend giving Ragnarok a watch if you haven’t already! (Warned you there were spoilers!)

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