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*Jingle* Movie niiiight.. with Walta! */Jingle*

Yes, again with the stupid jingle. Return of the Jingle part 2.

So, the movie Justice League.. Overall I thought the movie was very meh. Basically, a long time ago on Earth, an enemy named Steppenwolf tried to conquer earth by collecting three boxes which combined would terraform the earth to his liking. Earths forces manage to stop him and separated the 3 boxes and spread them across the earth. Present day, Steppenwolf comes back and manages to defeat the Amazons and the Atlantians to get back 2 boxes. Batman gathers superheroes he’s found across earth, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and the Flash, and uses the last box to bring back to life, Superman, who died in the previous movie.(Great scene where he fights back the heroes.) Steppenwolf then steals the last box and they all go to Russia to stop him. They manage to defeat him and separate the boxes, saving the world. Batman comes home and they decide to form a team.. a Justice League!

Overall, the movie was okay to me. The fight scenes were great, it was fun watching the heroes show off their powers. The scene where Superman is fighting off the other superheroes was a great testament to his abilities. But overall, the whole movie felt like just a stepping stone to a better movie. I felt like the point of the whole movie was just to bring the heroes together as fast as possible and get it over with. They portrayed Steppenwolf as the ultimate enemy, all powerful and invincible. But at the end of the movie, Superman just swoops in and wrecks him easily and pretty much singlehandedly. Three massive armies struggled to stop him, but Superman just about one punch mans him away. (*ONE PUUUUNNNNCHHH*) Also, I feel like Batman just gets beaten up the whole movie, making him seem weak.

Wonder Woman on the other hand was a great movie, so I know they can do better. Here’s hoping the next one is an improvement!

P.S. What was the point of the Amazons storing the cube inside that chamber with super heavy gates, when there’s a skylight on the top of the structure that he could easily jump out of? Or did I miss something?

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