So me and my fiancee decided to do restaurant week in NYC. We generally do steakhouses because you get more value out of them, and it’s nice to go to a fancy place every once in a while.

The reviews were good at Markjoseph and it’s in a nice location so, perfect spot for a date night. The only problem was it was raining, so you can’t do much..

Overall, the restaurant was okay. The ambiance was nice, although the table behind us was a little too loud, making it hard for my fiancee and I to hear each other. I ordered the bacon as an appetizer, filet mignon for the entree and brownie sundae for dessert.

The bacon was delicious (who doesn’t love bacon right? 🥓)Can’t really mess that up.

The filet mignon though, was a little disappointing.It wasn’t very tender or flavorful. I’ve had much better from pretty much everywhere else. My fiancee got the 20oz sirloin, now that was delicious (sorry no picture). My fiancee loved it so much, she exclaimed she was coming back every restaurant week just for that sirloin. I wouldn’t go that far, but the flavor was pretty on point.

The entree came with your typical sides of mashed potatoes and spinach. I do have to say, their spinach was super creamy with the perfect amount of saltiness. Mashed potatoes is.. mashed potatoes.

Lastly, I got the brownie sundae for dessert, which was nothing to write home about.It’s just a brownie with a small scoop of ice cream on it.

The service was okay, they accidentally gave my entree to my fiancee and vice versa. When I pointed out their error, the waiter gave me a little bit of an attitude like it was my fault somehow. Other than that, service was polite, but not extraordinarily so. Food was ok, the sirloin and the spinach were the only stand outs.

Overall if you’re looking for a restaurant week place or a nice date location, do yourself a favor and check out other locations first. I’m sure you’ll find better.

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