Just saw Pacific Rim uprising in the theater (blah movie night jingle jingle), I was kinda excited about it because mechas fighting monsters right? Well it was an entertaining movie, but as always, sequels never live up to the original :/ (Spoilers incoming)

It felt like the movie took too long to get to the point. First 3/4s of the movie was pretty much all character building, the maturation of the son with a hero dad, a young girl getting over her family’s death. Even though it was 3/4s of the movie, the pacing felt all weird. The son, Jake Pentecost went from wild and free, to full blown mature authority figure out of no where. The pilots not getting along, and all of a sudden they’re family and neural handshaking each other perfectly. Who’s watching this movie for this stuff??

The last quarter of the movie, all these forced twists happen and the seemingly bad guys were actually the good guys, and vice versa leading to the base being attacked and all the Jaegers getting wrecked. Then in one night, they all get fixed to perfect condition and off they go to fight the monsters in none other than Tokyo, Japan! Which was pretty awesome, seeing Tokyo get wrecked by monsters while everyone is running around screaming like movies and tv shows of old. Then the big fight scene with all the mechas beating the crap out of a few gaijin who eventually merge into a bigger, badder gaijin. The fight scene was pretty cool I must say, but it was essentially the only fight scene.. I expected so much more. This is where my disappointment was because I felt like there wasn’t enough. The whole movie built up to this, and it felt too short and unsatisfying. Oh well, they did tease a potential sequel at the end.

Here’s to hoping it’s a better sequel.

Rating: 5/10

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