Hey Guys, thought I should update with something since I haven’t touched this website in forever. Moviepass was awful so I’ve switch over to AMC A-List! It’s like $15 more expensive, but the thing actually works so I don’t mind paying that amount. So I just saw the movie Angel Has Fallen starring Gerald Butler and some of Morgan Freeman, but wow I can’t believe these movies became a trilogy. How many times must Morgan Freeman be attacked before they actually give him some security?? Overall, I actually enjoyed this movie because of the ridiculous action that goes on, despite it being so unrealistic. It’s definitely must better than the original, like the firefight scenes where everyone is just getting slaughtered and dropping like lemmings. This time tons of people are getting killed but under more realistic pretenses where they’re taking cover instead of standing out in the open. If you guys enjoy action movies, I’d recommend giving this movie a watch!

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